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Nursery Programme


Who are UK Sports FC Tots?

UK Sports FC Tots understand the importance of getting the future of our nation active and starting them young is crucial. It is vital for developing their physical development and also greatly enhance other aspects of their progression such as gaining confidence, understanding relationships and beginning teamwork.

At UK Sport FC Tots, we have a variety of preschool sports activities that are perfect for younger children. These services are designed to support nurseries and pre-school settings helping form a vital part of the Early Years Learning and development.

Are you looking for an Early Years Programme that will accelerate physical development?

  • Guaranteed to hit all the areas of EYFS foundation stage for physical development.

  • Cross-curricular; numeracy, literacy, colours

  • Engage children through story-telling (you get to keep the stories)

  • It’s so much FUN!

  • And you have the opportunity for a FREE TASTER!

We are offering you a FREE TASTER SESSION!

For more information or to book your FREE taster session get in contact via the details below:

UK Sports Coaching Ltd

Swallow Mill Business Centre,






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