What we now offer:

*Active programme (Supporting Children MH&WB through Sport and Activities)

We believe all young people should have the opportunity to live healthy and active lives. Sport and physical activity improve our children’s physical and mental wellbeing and help them to develop important skills like teamwork and leadership. A positive experience of sport and physical activity at a young age can build a lifetime habit of participation. Our Active program builds physical competency alongside confidence, enjoyment, knowledge and understanding and high quality, modern physical education (PE) lessons that engage boys and girls of different backgrounds and abilities should be a fundamental part of every child’s school experience.


UK Sports Coaching provide a range of wellbeing and resilience interventions for children and young people. Support consists of workshops, presentations, group-work programmes, and coaching sessions which are designed to support children and young people promote skills for wellbeing and resilience. Our wellbeing support provides opportunities for children and young people to gain insight into range of evidence-based strategies that help develop positive mental health and wellbeing.


*CPD for teaching staff and TA's

CPD has been shown to increase teacher motivation, confidence, and commitment to teaching. Learning new skills and applying them in the classroom can lead to a more stimulating and effective teaching environment. UK Sports Coaching will support development of teaching and school staff.


*Well-being Ambassadors 

Our focus for children and young people to promotes mental wellbeing in school. Our support focuses on a team to support specific aspects of wellbeing such as emotional literacy, positive thinking, positive relationships, and self-awareness. Our wellbeing support is made engaging, accessible, and appropriate for different ages and abilities of children and young people.


For more information or to book:

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E: info@uksportscoaching.co.uk